Vetro Paini, the Cerve B2B unit
the ideal partner for your promotional requirements in glass decoration.

Thirty year’s experience in aiding the world’s leading brands has taught us to continually seek new original solutions and prominent designs to achieve greater brand awareness. We possess the most recent decorating machinery on the market and our R&D dept. is often the promoter of newly sought decorating methods. A state of the art and efficient graphic lab is available to further develop any particular customer requests.

A coherant and original way of sticking out from the crowd.

Vetro Paini passionately supports the world of beer, offering a wide selection of glasses, tankards and pitchers with different technical and aesthetic characteristics to better enhance the various flavours.

Our high-precision screen printing machines coupled with a wide range of organic colours, pigments, glazes and precious metals, combine to achieve special effects to better promote any brand whether it be International or a local craft beer.

Research and experience, a perfect combination for professional, yet original glasses.

Fully aware of the importance that stemware holds in wine tasting, we have purposely selected a professional range of formats specifically designed to meet the increasingly sophisticated needs of operators.

Stemming from research and studies, our collection offers a range of formats in soda-lime, crystalline and lead-free superior glass to enhance our individual sensory, organoleptic experience through the characteristics of the product.

Both the bulb and foot of the stems can be elegantly decorated to produce a unique and exclusive effect using different techniques.

Bespoke solutions enhance brand awareness.

Producers, wholesalers and distributors have been supported for years by our sales network and our commercial back offices, providing a complete down the line service ensuring continuous personalized supplies.

Vetro Paini now offers mixed decorated product pallets with the use of a laser engraver in order to maintain our “customer-friendly” approach.

Our passion for cups and mugs is rivaled only by Italy’s passion for coffee.

When people talk of “Made in Italy”, thoughts immediately go to the Italian coffee tradition in its various forms and aspects, which is today a true symbol of our country.

For over thirty years Vetro Paini has been professionally and  passionately involved in the world of coffee, offering a wide range of cups, mugs, coffee and latte glasses, to help enhance your Brand. Our marketing and graphics department create collections to satisfy the whims of customers by proposing a winning combination of logo and rational yet technically sophisticated shapes.

Promotional glass items portray prestige and transparency.

The use of glass has now become one of the most important brand publicity and promotional vehicles for a huge number of companies and large industrial groups.

With our 30 years experience in the promotional sector, we guarantee the shortest path to decorating and packaging solutions.

Whatever the container, there is a solution to be had.

Due to its versatility and cleanliness, glass is fast surpassing plastics for use in contact with food. It’s non-porous surface doesn’t absorb food and germs and can be safely washed at high temperatures.

We at Vetro Paini offer many different solutions for industrial foods from ice cream to spreads of different nature and we also do not disdain supplying special containers for candles.

In respect of the norms

ceVetropaini – Cerve S.p.A. is fully set up to provide customers with CE marking in compliance with European regulations. CE MID certified level marks are essential for the B2B market, whenever glasses are used in serving the public.
Our sales and technical people are available for clarifications and additional information.