Our History

Founded in Parma (Italy), Cerve quickly became the focal decorating point for local ceramic and glass industries; indeed the name Cerve derives from CERamica and VEtro.
Over the years the company began to gradually specialize itself in the glass sector, synchronizing its production with that of the surrounding glass industry, introducing new brands and its distinctive decorating techniques onto the market.

In and around the 80’s, given its success, the company was split into two distinct divisions; one concentrated on pure decoration and the other dedicated its time to putting together a full range of bespoke kitchen and home products.

Those same years saw the introduction of a growth policy which entailed large investment plans; new production plants were built and new state of the art technology was acquired to add to the existing plants at the time which included frosting, sand-blasting an drilling amenities.

During the 90’s Cerve foresaw the need to further expand its engineering plants and steadily became a world leader in mechanical and decorative applications to glass, thus creating a benchmark in this extremely competitive world market place.

iso Certificazione UNI EN ISO 9001:2008

Quality and efficiency

Cerve continually invests in training, research, organization and design.

Cerve is a solidly organized company and can count on highly qualified personnel in all sectors. Whether it be logistics, administration or finance, there is always somebody ready to take your call for rational and functional consultations.

We create long lasting bonds with our customers by assisting them through the various preliminary steps involved in creating a new project.

Our Sectors

Continuous innovation is key in describing Cerve’s  perfume bottle decoration.

There are three features that distinguish our tableware: refined design, a well run manufacturing process and strict controls.

Vetro Paini, Cerve’s B2B brand, is well known in the industry with all the know-how and experience befitting such a name. The ideal choice to enhance brand awareness.

Cerve offers a wealth of technological innovation for the packaging industry.

Part of our overall mission is to go beyond the limits of decoration on glass.

What we offer

8 colour silk-screen printing
350 machines in 50 countries worldwide
50,000 m2 dedicated to perfume bottle decoration
Total decoration capability

Our figures