When printing meets art

TECNO5 is the affiliate engineering division of CERVE group, which designs, produces and installs equipment for direct screen-printing on hollow glass since 1986.

We have provided our customers worldwide with advanced know-how and technology, aimed to satisfy a wide range of printing requirements: from the classic tableware decoration to the most sophisticated spirit and cosmetic containers.

Tecno5 screen printing machines are fruit of vast experience, in both machine engineering and decorating technic, thanks to the direct and continuous feed-back received from Cerve printing production lines.

The product range of Tecno5 goes from basic semiautomatic units up to fully-automatic machines, servo-controlled and UV equipped.

Tecno5 machines ensure high flexibility, low maintenance time and cost, best colour to colour registration and high quality of mechanic and electronic components for a long life investment.

Tecno5 have successfully installed over 350 machines in 50 different Countries, thanks to a philosophy that is always focused on the customer care: from the analysis of specific user’s needs to design and building of customized technical solutions.